Aleksei Archer and Alex Guarnaschelli

Aleksei Archer is a dramatic and versatile American model and actress who has a birthplace in New York. TV personalities are celebrated with a birthday celebration on the 14th of August. In 2007, she debuted on television. After a brief appearance in a film, she began to act as a model. Aleksei takes part in 18 more activities such as a TV model, a Short Film, and many more. Since 2007, when she began her professional career in the field, she's been a TV professional. That enabled her to stay working in the industry for fourteen years. Aleksei, along with her other siblings, completed his schooling by attending elementary and professional schools in America. Though she was enthralled by studying however, the artistic aspect of things like songs, dramas, and sitcoms were much more important to her. Alex Guarnaschelli...................Alex Guarnaschelli is the daughter of cookbook editor Maria Guarnaschelli and John Guarnaschelli. She was originally born in St. Louis before moving to New York City a short moment later. In 1991, she earned an art bachelor's degree in art from Barnard College. The same year, she was hired as an intern in An American Place restaurant for one year. Guarnaschelli began her culinary experiences by watching the recipes she'd written in her mother's cookbooks being examined at home. After working under Larry Forgione, she worked at several restaurants like Guy Savoy's La Butte Chaillot in New York France Los Angeles. She was appointed executive chef of Butter. Guarnaschelli participated in Food Network's Iron Chef America in 2007. She fought Cat Cora at the Farmers Market Battle of 2007 and was the winner. In the following years, she's been in the program as an guest judge and competed at The Next Iron Chef Season Four in 2011 where she placed third. She was eliminated from the Food Network Challenge Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast. In the fourth season she became Geoffrey Zakarian's sous-chef. In 2008, she was appointed host of the Food Network's The Cooking Loft. Alex Guarnaschelli.

Aleksei Archer Aleksei Archer Aleksei Archer Alex Guarnaschelli Alex Guarnaschelli Alex Guarnaschelli


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